The information in this file was extracted from the "1894 ROSTER OF THE MEMBERS AND POSTS, GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, DEPARTMENT OF KANSAS. COMPILED AND PUBLISHED BY THE DEPARTMENT, GIVING NAMES OF ALL MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING AUGUST 4, 1894", published 1894, Frost Printer, 826 Kansas Ave., Topeka. This information was transcribed from a copy of the publication at the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kansas.

The roster gives the name of the G.A.R. member, state served, branch, rank, company, and regiment number.

(20 members listed)

Alonzo Douglass, Comd'r
Oscar Crank, Adj't
Meets 1st and 3d Saturday.


State, Branch, Rank, Unit, Reg't

Burke, I. P.

O. inft, pri. C, 118

Crank, Oscar

Ind. Inft, corp. D, 33

Corns, T. W.

Ind. Inft, A, 152

Douglas, Alonzo

Vt. Inft, pri. F, 3

Eddy, A. W.

Ia. Inft, pri. F, 3

Evans, Samuel

Mo. mt. inft, pri. A, 1

Frackler, Enoch

Pa. inft, sgt. D, 20

Gallup, L. O.

Ia. Inft, pri. B. 45

Huff, Nathan

Ia. Inft, pri. D, 28

McCabe, James

Mo. inft, pri. E, 23

McMullen, A.

Mo. inft, corp. E, 6

Miller, W. W.

Ia. Inft, pri. H, 5

Spencer, John F.

Ill. inft, pri. H, 146

Stringham, Wm.

Ia. Inft, pri. H, 6

Snyder, J. W.

Ind. Inft, pri. D, 10

Stewart, David

O. inft, pri. G, 76

Thomas, W. M.

Ill. inft, pri. H, 146

Terry, J. F.

Ill, inft, pri. F, 85

Weber, Benjamin

Ill. inft, pri. B, 102

Way, Emit

Mich. Inft, pri. K, 25


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