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I am proud to welcome you to the Department of Kansas Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War web site.  We are direct descendants of the soldiers who fought to preserve the Union during the Civil War. After the war these same soldiers formed the Grand Army of the Republic and we are the Sons of those men.  We work together not only to preserve their memory but to pass on that heritage to the next generation. We do this through Department and Camp projects that include monument, grave and battlefield restorations as well as educational programs.  


  During this, the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, we are excited to celebrate our part as the location where the eyes of the nation were focused during the pre-war Bleeding Kansas era. The roots of the Civil War are in Kansas.  Our state also supplied soldiers to the war effort and these men fought valiantly in many battles. Kansas became known as the Soldierís State after the war because many soldiers moving west made it their home. 


Our camps are located in Wichita, Lawrence, Olathe, Humboldt, Winfield (New Camp) and Topeka.  Each camp is active in theirs, and neighboring communities.  For meeting times and locations of the camp nearest you, click on the camps link on the left hand menu.  If a camp is not located near you, join us anyway  We are an active and growing department looking to expand.  We would be excited to help you find your Civil War heritage and work alongside you as we share our common purpose.  Membership information can be found by clicking here. 

I encourage you to explore this site to see the many activities in which we are involved.  Your help is needed so the memory of the heroes of our nation is not lost. Itís a vital task-wonít you join us in it?



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Robert D. Boyd II

Department Commander



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