SUVCW Department of Kansas
Commander Robert D. Boyd II
Acceptance Speech

Having been elected and installed as Department Commander by the brothers assembled at the 26th Encampment of Department of Kansas, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, I am humbled
by the trust and confidence you have placed in me.

I congratulate Thomas Schmidt, PDC, (Senior Vice Department Commander), Conrad Fisher, PCC, (Junior Vice Department Commander), Rocky Bartlow, PDC, (Treasurer), Alan Russ, PDC, (Secretary), and Walter H. Schley, Jr., Mike Todd, PDC, and William F. Shoemaker (Department Council Members).

I will endeavor to perform each of my duties of the office in a manner befitting our Order and our Civil War ancestors. There will be changes, and I will make mistakes, but I pray that Department
officers and members will whisper in my ear good advice and keep me in check. I truly am looking forward to a year without Covid-19 pandemic interruptions which have, in the past, prevented our communicating in person. We have electronic meetings as a backup, but hopefully will not be needed.

A significant number of our brothers are older than 70 and the weather makes a major difference in our ability to meet in person. We changed our Encampment date from January to March which resulted in an almost 30% increase in attendance. We were honored to have Senior Vice Commander–in-Chief Bruce Frail attend our Encampment in person and present the Department awards to our members. He encouraged us to continue to uphold the goals and aims of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War.

The 141st SUVCW National Encampment will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from August 11th through 13th. 2022, and your Commander is wishing all could be present at the Encampment. Our 2023 Department Encampment will be held on March 18, hosted by the Private John N. Eckes Camp Number 10 in Winfield. I plan to visit all the Camps of the Department of Kansas, as well as other Departments whenever possible.

The addition of new members is very important to me, along with. the proficiency of the Camp Commanders. I will continue to encourage our leaders so they can inspire their members.

Yours in Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty,
Robert D. Boyd II,
Department of Kansas