John N. Eckes Camp No. 10

Winfield, Kansas

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Eric Crittenden and Joe Chrisman reset a Civil War veteran’s headstone.

Joseph E. Chrisman

Eric L. Crittenden

Terry E. Justice
Council Member

Roderick Hathaway
Council Member

Terry E. Justice
Historian and Graves Registration Officer

Kent M. Melcher
Civil War Memorials Officer

Clint M. Bradbury

William K. Mueller
Sr. Vice Commander

Gregg L. Talkington
Jr. Vice Commander and Facebook Administrator

James Patrick Coyne
Council Member and Guide

Kent M. Melcher
Patriotic Instructor and Signals Officer

Roderick Hathaway

Eric L. Crittenden
Eagle Scout Certificate Coordinator

Brother Eric Crittenden (left) presented this young Scout a Certificate of Commendation at her Eagle Court of Honor.
One Saturday per month, the Camp cleans and resets headstones.

Winfield Veterans Day Observance 2022; Eckes Camp Flag first on right.

Cleaning the GAR Monument in the Sedan, KS., city cemetery. Sprayed with D-2, it will be completely clean in six months!

Eckes Camp #10 meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month (except June and July) at the Cowley County Historical Museum, 1011 Mansfield, in Winfield. Visitors are welcome. JOIN US!