Humboldt Camp No. 9

Bridger P. Keyes, Camp Commander

Camp Brothers at the restoration of the Cannon at the Humboldt
  Historical Museum, along with Thomas Young (Eagle Scout) 
with Clearing 300 yards of trees & brush for the Deal Cemetery.

The actual restored 1838 McClurb 10lb “Walking Stick”

Camp # 9 at the New Evan Young Cemetery Marker and Historical Spot in Humboldt, Kansas. Thomas Young (Eagle Scout), cleared 300 yards of brush and trees to make a driving and walking path with a concrete bridge with help from B & W Trailer Hitches.

Robert Boyd II, Frank Shomaker, Otis Crawford at Veterans Day Parade in Ft. Scott, Kansas.

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Bridger P. Keyes

Barrett E. Young
Jr. Vice Commander/Graves Registration Officer

Rocky D. Ansell
Council Member

William F. Schomaker
Chaplain/Council Member

Rocky D. Ansell
Sr. Vice Commander

Robert D. Boyd, II, PCC

Barrett E. Young
Council Member

William E. Fischer, Jr.
Patriotic Instructor

Members of Camp #4

Dean Dillard

Randy Downey

Conrad M. Fisher

Chase Gore

Ronald E. Greek, Jr.

Reed Hartford

Humboldt Camp No. 9 meets quarterly in Humboldt, Kansas on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October. The meeting is held at the Humboldt Historical Museum, 416 North Second Street, Humboldt, Kansas at 7:00 pm.