The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) in Kansas

Throughout the history of the Department of Kansas, Grand Army of the Republic, there were some 500+ G.A.R. Posts located in Kansas and Oklahoma (which was known until it became a state in 1907 as “Indian Territory”).

Beginning June 1, 1889, per General Order No. 9 of the Commander-in-Chief of the G.A.R., the jurisdiction of the Department of Kansas also included all of “Indian Territory” (Oklahoma) located North of the Canadian River. Seven new Posts of the G.A.R. were created that year in this part of Oklahoma alone. They remained under the jurisdiction of the Department of Kansas until August 29, 1890 at which time the Department of Oklahoma & Indian Territory was formed.

To assist you in your research we have provided below a listing of the majority the Posts of the Department of Kansas including the City and County in which they were located (where we know it). There are several places in the listing where there are multiple Post names under one number. This is because the Department would “recycle” numbers on occasion after a Post had folded.  (If we know what year a Post was organized or failed we indicate that information in parentheses beside the Post name. Also, as G.A.R. Posts occasionally changed their name, any former name of the Post is listed in parentheses next to the last known name of the Post.)

This information was compiled by PDC Dean K. Speaks, Department of Kansas, in 2001. Additional information was provided by Blair D. Tarr in 2009. The Department of Kansas appreciates all of their efforts in this project.

The G.A.R. Posts are shown in two different manners, one by post number, and the other by county. Click on the list you want to see.

Kansas G.A.R. Posts by Post number

Kansas G.A.R. Posts by County