Old Abe Camp No. 16

Gary Kraus, Camp Commander

Jeremy McMannis
Senior Vice Commander

PDC Randy Durbin
Camp Council

PCC Kirk Nystrom
Camp Council

Rocky Bartlow, PDC

PCC Jerry Reiman
Camp Council

John Swain

PCC Dan Karr

Tom Schmidt
Program Chairman

PCC Conrad Fisher
Eagles Scout Coordinator
PCC Kirk Nystom
Patriotic Instructor

PCC Conrad Fisher
Color Bearer

PCC Jerry Reiman
Graves Registration Officer
Blair Tarr

Darrell Gilliland

PCC Jerry Reiman
Civil War Memorials
Members of Camp No. 16

Rocky L. Bartlow
Christopher P. Dechant
Craig E. Dunsran
Conrad Fisher
Martin J. Hazen
Carl D. Holmes
John Jewell
Gary W. Kraus
Earl T. McIntosh
Joshua Kent Melcher
John Thomas Morgan
K. Matthew Nystrom
Robert J. Reves
Alan Lee Russ
Herschel L. Stroud
John S. Swain
Loren L. Taylor
William E. Webster

James E. Bradley
Jeffery L. Dunaway
Randal L. Durbin
Donald D. Gilliand
Gary F. Hicks
Richard W. Hummel
Dan E. Karr
Roger D. Lester
Jeremy W. McMannis
Kent Maurice Melcher
K. Kirk Nystrom
Jerry Wayne Reiman
Dennis David Rogers
David Duane Schafer
Stanley Paul Sutton
Blair D. Tarr
Daniel J. Thalmann

Old Abe Camp No. 16
Topeka, Kansas
Organized October 13, 1997

Old Abe Camp No. 16 meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. The camp meets in the meeting room at Perkins Restaurant, 1720 SW Wanamaker Road, Topeka, Kansas.

Old Abe Camp No. 16 is named after the original Old Abe Camp No. 16, which was one of the first camps of the original Department of Kansas. It was formed in Topeka and contained a number of the local notables in its membership, including former United States Vice President Charles Curtis and Past Commander-in-Chief of the SUVCW Leland J. Webb.