Old Abe Camp No. 16

Conrad M. Fisher, Camp Commander

At 2022 Memorial Day Observance at Topeka Cemetery, Brother Herschel Stroud portrays his ancestor, Pvt. Baltzer Young, 7th Ill. Cavalry.
Camp No. 16 Honoring U.S. Veterans at Winter Cemetery Workday.
Showing our pride at the former GAR building in Topeka, now Secretary of State’s offices, across the street southeast of the Capital building.
In March, brother Jake Fisher was initiated into Old Abe Camp.

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2022-23 OFFICERS

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Conrad M. Fisher

Jack M. Puett
Senior Vice Commander

J.T. (Tom) Morgan
Junior Vice Commander

Kirk Nystom PDC
Patriotic Instructor

Ronald H. Martin

Jerry Reiman PCC
Graves Registration Officer and Civil War Memorials Officer

Rocky Bartlow, PDC
Camp Council

Jack A. Sanders
Camp Council

Ronald H. Martin
Camp Council

Blair D. Tarr

Gary W. Kraus PCC
Eagle Scout Coordinator

PCC = Past Camp Commander. PDC = Past Department Commander

Old Abe Camp No. 16 is named after the original Old Abe Camp No. 16, which was one of the first camps of the original Department of Kansas. It was formed in Topeka and contained a number of the local notables in its membership, including former United States Vice President Charles Curtis and Past Commander-in-Chief of the SUVCW Leland J. Webb. The SUVCW Department of Kansas was disbanded for a while. When it was reestablished in 1997, Old Abe Camp was rechartered on October 13, 1997.

Old Abe Camp No. 16 meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. The camp meets in the meeting room at Perkins Restaurant, 1720 SW Wanamaker Road, Topeka, Kansas. Visitors are welcome!