Franklin County

Ottawa, Franklin County
Hope Cemetery (northwest of town)Map

Type: Flag Pole

Description: The concrete base of the flagpole in the center of Hope Cemetery has medallions representing G.A.R., Confederate Veterans, World Wars I and II, Korea, and Viet Nam.

reported by DE McGovern

DE McGovern, July 7, 2005

SUV Registry Status: Secondary Memorial
no SUVCW documentation planned

Princeton, Franklin County
Cemetery (east of town – 1490 US-59)Map

Type: Granite Monument

Description: Monument of Barre granite. Inscribed on the front is: “In Memory ~ Of Our Soldiers ~ Who Fought In The ~ Great Rebellion Of ~ 1861-1865”. The carved decorations include flags and crossed sabers with G A R emblazoned. The date “1907” is engraved on the base.

The back of the monument is engraved: “Loyalty And Patriotism ~ Erected By ~ Princeton Circle No. 33 ~ Of The Ladies Of The Grand Army ~ Of The Republic”.

There are twenty-one soldiers buried at the base of the monument.

Baruch and Beckman, 1978,
Martin, 1910

RM Thies, 1996
DE McGovern, February 13, 2005
RL Wandel, June 14, 2005

SUV Registry Status: Primary Memorial
SUVCW documentation needed