Lincoln County

Lincoln, Lincoln County
Court House Lawn (216 E. Lincoln Ave) – Map

Type: Granite Soldier Statue and Cannon

Description: Granite statue with Infantryman at rest. The support reads: “In Memory Of The Union Soldiers And Sailors ~ 1861 – 1865 ~ Dedicated May 30, 1919 ~ Lincoln Co”.

The cannon is a Napoleon bronze smoothbore field gun. The West plaque is inscribed: “Gun Used ~ In ~ Civil War”. The East plaque is inscribed: “Presented To ~ G.A.R. By U.S.A ~ 3-4-1915”.

SOS! 1994,
Stark, 1997,
Thies, 2004

RM Thies, August 11, 1994
DE McGovern, June 23, 2004

SUV Registry Status: Primary Memorial
SUVCW documentation needed