Russell County

Lucas, Russell County
Lucas Cemetery (north east of town on 202nd Blvd.)Map

Type: Granite Monument

Description: The front side of the monument has an American Flag. The rear is engraved: “This Monument And The ~ Avenue Of Flags Is ~ Dedicated To The ~ Veterans Of All Wars ~ Both Living And Deceased”, “We Fought For Each ~ Other, Our Families ~ Our Nation And ~ Freedom For All”, and “Lucas American Legion ~ Post 267”.

reported by DE McGovern

DE McGovern, March 1, 2007

SUV Registry Status: Secondary Memorial
no SUVCW documentation planned

Russell, Russell County
Russell City Cemetery (east of town – 1600 E. Wichita Ave.)Map

Type: Granite Monument

Description: A granite soldier statue on a pedestal marks the central part of the town cemetery. The soldier stands at rest. The inscription reads: “In Memory Of ~ The Defenders ~ Of The ~ Union ~ 1861-1865”.

SOS! 1994

DE McGovern, December 30, 2004

SUV Registry Status: Primary Memorial
SUVCW documentation needed