To Help

This is a very large project and we can use your assistance. If you know of a GAR monument or Civil War-related memorial (of any size/design) near you, we invite you to share this information with the SUVCW. Please contact our Department Civil War Memorials Officer with any information.

Since many of these memorials and monuments have not been previously documented, any information is helpful. If you know of a Kansas memorial or monument that is not on this list, please let us know.

If your Grandparents told you about a memorial or monument that they knew of, please let us know.

If you suspect there might be a memorial or monument that is not on the list, please let us know.

Note that this does not include individual grave markers (headstones) but may include large stone markers, monuments, soldier statues, memorial arches, cannons, plaques, stained glass windows, etc.

Help us locate these precious memories so that we can appropriately honor “those who gave their today for our tomorrow”.

For full survey documentation, the following information is recorded:

  • Location
    • town
    • location in relation to any major landmarks
    • name of cemetery, museum, or park
  • Description
    • granite monument
    • stone monument
    • soldier statue
    • pavilion
    • memorial arch
    • etc
  • Photos – any format
    • “scenic” photo of front
    • four sides
    • close up of details
  • Inscriptions – if any
    • inscriptions
    • dedications
    • plaques
    • etc
  • References – if known
    • documented surveys
    • historical lists
    • etc