Wilson County

Fredonia, Wilson County
Fredonia City Cemetery (south of town – S. Cement Rd. & Golf Course Rd.)Map

Type: Granite Monument

Description: A granite monument in the cemetery is inscribed: “Memorial To The ~ Union ~ Soldiers Sailors ~ War 1861-65”.

The back is inscribed: “Erected By ~ G.A.R. Post 98, W.R.Corps 53 ~ And Citizens ~ 1899”.

reported by RM Thies

RM Thies, March 20, 1996
J Birket, June 23, 2005

SUV Registry Status: Primary Memorial
SUVCW documentation needed

Neodesha, Wilson County
Neodesha Cemetery (north of town on 12th St.)Map

Type: Cannon, Statue, GAR markers

Description: A 24-Pdr Siege and Garrison Gun, M1840, is located 20 ft to NW of base of soldier statue which faces north. Cannon is pointing north, on concrete base. A modern plastic exhibit label (now missing) reads: “Napolean Cannon ~ (Smooth Bore, Muzzle Load) ~ 12 Pounder ~ Std. Artiliary [Sic] For Union Army ~ Cast 1844”.

The central pillar supporting the granite soldier statue is engraved: “In Memory of ~ the Defenders ~ of the Union ~ 1861-1865 ~ (GAR Medal) ~ Nor shall your glory be forgot ~ While we her record keeps ~ Or honor points the hallowed spot ~ Where valor proudly sleeps”. The level below that is engraved: “1903 ~ Erected by ~ Humphrey Post No 145 ~ Grand Army ~ of the Republic ~ by popular subscription ~ Neodesha, Kansas”. Below that is an engraved GAR badge. Other sides have sabers, cannons and anchors.

The area around this plot is demarcated by stones labeled “GAR”.

Stark, 1997,
Thies, 2004

RM Thies, August 24, 1995
DE McGovern, September 12, 2009

SUV Registry Status: Primary Memorial
SUVCW documentation needed